Milton 500ml Sterilising Fluid - BCLK4Y5E

Milton 500ml Sterilising Fluid - BCLK4Y5E

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  • Milton sterilizing fluid allows you to sterilize in just 15 minutes.

  • Product Description

    Milton Fluid. Milton sterilizing fluid allows you to sterilize in just 15 minutes. The Milton solution is harmless and leaves no unpleasant taste or odour. Utensils are safe for your baby to use immediately.


    Active ingredient: sodium hypochlorite 2 percent w/v, milton sterilising fluid also contains amongst other ingredients: sodium chloride 16.5 percent w/v


    Follow instructions carefully for best results. 1) Clean utensils thoroughly after each feed. Clean bottles and teats thoroughly with warm soapy water. Rinse with cold water. 2) Prepare milton solution. Fill you milton sterilising unit with cold water. For every 2.5 litres water, add 1/2 capful (15ml) of milton fluid. 3) Completely immerse utensils. Ensure that no air bubbles are trapped inside the bottles/utensils. Items are ready to use after 15 minutes or can be left for 24 hours until you need to use them again. Wash your hands before removing utensils from the solution. Drain bottles and teats - not need to rinse. Fill bottles immediately and cover teats.

    Safety Warning

    Avoid prolonged contact with metal. Avoid contact with eyes, in the event of contact, rinse eyes with warm water. Do not inhale. Do not use in combination with other products as toxic gases may be released (chlorine). Milton may discolour fabric on contact. To open child safe cap, push tabs and unscrew. To re-seal, turn cap clockwise until a click is heard. Take care not to over-tighten. Keep out of reach of children.

    Box Contains

    1 x Milton Sterilising Fluid 500 ml

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    Milton 500ml Sterilising Fluid - BCLK4Y5E