Lansinoh Latch Assist - EAHBJB36

Lansinoh Latch Assist - EAHBJB36

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Product Code: EAHBJB36

  • Temporarily corrects flat or inverted nipples

  • Gently draws out the nipple so that baby can latch on

  • Discreet, self controlled and effective

  • Can be used quickly and easily with one hand

  • Includes small case for hygiene

  • Product Description

    In the early days after birth, mums may experience engorgement or swollen breasts, a temporary condition that can make breastfeeding uncomfortable. Some mums may also find that the skin has stretched so much that the nipples may be flat, making it difficult for a baby to position the nipple correctly in his mouth. That's where the Lansinoh Latch Assist™ can help. This simple tool gently draws out the nipple to enable a good latch - the first step to successful breastfeeding. Caution: this product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions


    Lansinoh LatchAssist is a simple tool to help your nipples temporarily stand out so that it is easier for your baby to establish a good latch, the first step to a successful breastfeeding experience.

    Lansinoh Latch Assist - EAHBJB36