Cosatto CT4569 3Sixti Circle Unicorn Land - XXMZMOUG

Cosatto CT4569 3Sixti Circle Unicorn Land - XXMZMOUG

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  • 3sixti2’s multiple heights means less bending for you as your baby grows. it has a seat recline for added comfort

  • The seat turns full circle so you can keep an eye on each other at all times. great for bonding

  • Pop-off the tray when your child’s ready to join you at the table. there’s a safety harness for secure suppertimes

  • With easy-clean trays and washable seat pad, cleaning 3sixti2’s a doddle

  • It comes with an industry-leading 4 year guarantee for your peace of mind

  • Material composition: Polyester. Steel. Plastic

  • Product Description

    3 sixty is the good all-rounder. literally. the sturdy spiralling hero that knows mealtimes are connect times - that babies are little social beings. your diddy diner can see you wherever you are in the room thanks to the twirl, then join in the dinner debates at the table. fuss-fre 3 sixty lets you and your baby focus on your fun food journey. getting you there splodge-fre. serving up heaps of comfort and clever. so go on. make weaning a breeze and emerge sparkling - order your statement helping of helpful now.

    Box Contains

    x1 Gas Lifted Rotating Highchair, x1 Washable PVC Lined Seat Cushion, x2 Removable washable trays, x1 5 point Harness, x1 4 Year Warranty Registration Form.

    Cosatto CT4569 3Sixti Circle Unicorn Land - XXMZMOUG