Alphanova Lanolin 40 ml Set of 2 - CADOMPBB

Alphanova Lanolin 40 ml Set of 2 - CADOMPBB

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  • Lanolin soothes and protects nipples during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Formula without preservatives, BHT and additives. Hypoallergenic care dermatologically tested. 100% recycled and recyclable plastic tube. Special sensitive nipples.

  • Instructions for use: Wash your hands before each application. As Lanolin is naturally very dense and compact, it is advisable to rub it a little between your fingers before application. Apply to nipple after each feeding or after using a breast pump. No need to rinse before breastfeeding.

  • Product description

    The ALPHANOVA organic mum range of care accompanies pregnant women during pregnancy, motherhood. The formulas are of natural origin (at least 99.3% of the formula) and certified organic by ECOCERT. We have developed formulas enriched with natural active ingredients for maximum efficiency that meet expectations of pregnant women.


    LANOLIN: Pure lanolin USP/EP* *USP: U.S Pharmacopoeia EP: European Pharmacopoeia

    Alphanova Lanolin 40 ml Set of 2 - CADOMPBB